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Sarasaparilla Syrup (Nannari)

Nannari (Sarasaparilla) Syrup

  Botanical Family - Asclapiatacy

  Botanical Name - Hemidesmas     Indicas

  English - Indian Sarasaparilla

  Telugu - Sugandhi

  Sanskrit - Sariba

  Malayalam - Nannari (Naruthandi)

  Hindi - Magrabu

  Kanadam - Sugandha Palada


   The outer part of the root has brownish colour. The inner part of the root is white in colour. The root has got a pleasant flavour.

Nannari Extract

Nannari Extract is prepared from Nannari root by means of steam distillation process in our factory itself.

Nannari Syrup (Sarasaparilla Syrup)

It is a delicious herbal drink. It containing sarasaparilla extract, Sugar, Water and Citric acid.


  It removes the excess body heat

  It acts as a diuretic and diaphoretic

  It is a unique blood purifier

  It makes entire body cool.

  It tones up the urinary system and helps in the prevention of urinary stone formation.

Directions for use

Mix two or more table spoons of Sarasaparilla Syrup with little lime juice in a glass of cold water or soda to make a delicious NANARI SARBATH.

State of the Art Manufacturing facilities

The fully automated highly sophisticated equipment and system can handle the processing of fruit products. A state of the art plant employing the most modern Technology is used for extraction. In our constant efforts to improve the quality we have set up a modern chemical plant in our factory itself.

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